Saturday, September 22, 2012

In the Arms of a Poem

 (one of my favorite quotes)

From all over God’s earth
from sundry trails
we come; to languish in
the vexing delight
held in the arms of
a poem

nothing quite compares, it seems
no other form of art
can evoke or charm
the seeker who dreams
best in the arms of
a poem

its lure, its lull
its push and pull
are like coming home
to a flickering fireside
in the patient arms of
a poem

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, you know I love a good quote, or poem :) The last post of mine has a George Eliot poem at the top, "Roses" which I've been waiting to use... her words almost make my artwork come alive ~ it just amazes me! You have an amazing gift as well ~ thank you for sharing with us all! Have a great weekend!

  2. Yuriy: Janet, immensely adore your title, this quote and the adjoining charm of lines. : )

  3. And it's in the arms of a poem such as yours that some seekers dream best and are warmed.

  4. Megan, very, very seldom do I check my spam folder but recently I am getting too much stuff that I assume is spam so I decided I better check and see if any 'real' comments are being dumped in spam and I found yours! Thank-you so much. I will see you shortly on the post you speak of:)

    Thank-you for your thoughts and visit!


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