Thursday, September 13, 2012

Repeated Resolutions

For now I will ignore it
Those subtle hints of leaving
The sun is high in yonder sky
The harbinger of grieving
Slinks to the woodlot and the hill
To tease the mangled tresses
So I will take this chance to dance
In her prolonged caresses

For now I will embrace it
Her burnished benediction
On muted shores the truth implores
But here the calm conviction
That this is not the end my friend
Resides in golden candor
The sun is warm and in her arms
I revel in glad splendor

For now I will deny it
Though truth remains unshaken
As I observe the waning verve
Of sunbeams on the bracken
I cannot weep; above me sheep
Roam in cerulean meadows
And on the lawn I tread upon
The imprint of their shadows

For now I will take pleasure
In nothing but the moment
And I will splurge within the urge
To sip the tender torment
Of purple-gray against the day
Of faded blooms and bowers
I will not dare to let despair
Tarnish September’s hours

© Janet Martin

I was out waiting for the bus with Victoria and a sweet sadness washed over me...
the whisper of good-by weighed in the mist and yet the moment itself was...PERFECT!
There is such beauty in the broken and tattered remains of a season...J~


  1. `I will not dare let despair tarnish September's hours' - so beautiful, Janet. Love this poem.

  2. Sara, thank-you so much for reading and for your kind thoughts!


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