Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today I Just Want to Love You

Poetic Bloomings invites us to attempts a  Zymurgy

Zymurgy defined, is the area of applied science related to fermentation. It deals with the biochemical processes involved in fermentation, through yeast. Unless you are a home brew aficionado, you’re probably thinking… What does this have to do with the price of Haiku in Japan?
But for the purpose of the Zymurgy form, we will deal with this fact… ZYMURGY is the very last word in the dictionary. So we will concern ourselves with the “Last Word” of each first and last line of every stanza.
The last word of your title becomes the first word of the first line of your poem.
The last word of  the first line will dictate the number of lines in that stanza. Use that word as an Acrostic in that stanza, with the last word of the last line becoming the first word of your next stanza, stringing your thoughts together.

You cannot fathom the ocean
Or the waves of emotion that surge
Converge, in startling sheerness
Equal elements of strength and weakness
Align, when this heart of mine is
Next to you, next to you

You kindle a daring desire
Darling, how can I define
Embers that leap into fire
Stirred simply by your faint half-smile
I cannot fathom my blessings
Rich beyond reason or rue
Everything is nothing without you, without you

You leave me blissfully breathless
Beautiful agony
Rushing, receding, relentless
Elusive mystery
Assuring me of life’s fullest purpose
Today I just want to clasp,
Have and hold you; no excuses
Life is a precious gasp
Each day a grace-gift from heaven
Some things simply cannot wait
So just let me love you darling, tomorrow may be too late, too late

Janet Martin

Last night a mother/wife in our school community is suddenly and shockingly, a widow.
It wakens in me a renewed awareness of life's fragile thread and Time's precious now and its uncertain end.


  1. It is rare for me to find a well written acrostic but this one IS well done. Thanks for explaining the Zymurgy form, it is the first I have heard of it.

  2. Thank-you TUG. Acrostic is one of the first forms of poetry I wrote when I was young. I liked to write them for my friends, and I still enjoy the challenge of its restrictions. I appreciate your words of encouragement.


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