Sunday, September 23, 2012

On This Evening's Eve

On this evening’s eve
The aural scrim descends
In sable folds; it weaves
The moments, gold
To dim, then deeper blends

Purple sweeping shadows
Like painted turrets sprawl
Across the land; the meadow
A stadium where
We watch night’s curtain fall

It tugs in motionless motion
The beauty and brutality
Of this day’s lot; an ocean
Of pure grandeur
Seals its jot in history

Alpha and Omega draws
The shade; it is dark
And day is done
But only day; His love and grace
Go on
And on
And on
And on…

© Janet Martin

I took my daughter and her friend out to a field a few miles from here to watch the sun set. Victoria said that she is going to name that field Sunset Stadium. I LOVE it!:) And all that great open sky, and all that wild wonder and all that awesome creation is a mere 'whisper of Him'  ...a mere speck of His glory and grace! Hallelujah.

The girls wanted the 'best seat in the House'...


  1. Beautiful words Janet; how powerful is our God! Love your picture at "Sunset Stadium"! Ha!

    Blessings and love,

  2. Thank-you:) It re-affirms my belief in the joy of simple things being life's greatest blessing.

  3. So blessed...thank you for this.

  4. Love this...Victoria's description..the best.They will thank you some day...for your love of skies.

  5. Glynis, thank-you:)

    Lucy, I hope so...last week one day Matt said, Mom, come here, I think this is something you don't want to miss (it was a really cool cloud-sky:)...and Lucy, THAT is what I would miss if I was at work...sigh. The Lord WILL PROVIDE OUR NEEDS!


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