Monday, September 17, 2012

Alliterations of Autumn

Autumn’s artist arranges auburn pigment on her palette.
Beauty begins beneath her burnished brush,
startling silent somber silhouettes,
teasing tired and tangled tresses
with rich, ravishing russet robes.
Sweet, sensuous saunter of September
lures languid lips to lilting laughter
as color collides carelessly in crimson climax.
Lyrics of lost love lisp lurid lullabies.
Ethereal enchantment echoes on the evening’s exterior
while inside Premonition is peering perplexedly at
the passage of Time.

© Janet Martin

Having fun with alliteration and the Sunday Whirl


  1. having fun indeed! Well done

  2. JR, both of these pieces are quite well done. I love your alliterations. You've done my words proud. And you found them so nice, you did them twice! :) It was fitting I came to read yours first.

  3. Walt, I know it still needs work but I wanted to at least try...maybe this was alliteration overload, but it was some carefree fun! Thank-you for the wordle words and for your thoughts!


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