Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Young Man's Awakening...

One day it is basketball
The next day its guns
Or hockey or baseball
In the name of ‘fun’
I worried as I hugged him
And bid him goodnight
That somehow we were missing
Getting priorities right
But as I turned out the light
He asked, ‘Mom, can you pray?
and mom, do you know what I thought of today?
I thought of how pointless
Everything is
No matter what we get
Because everything changes
And nothing stays
It all disappears…’
I feel a lump in my throat
And the sparkle of tears
as he continued…
‘Yeah, I just suddenly thought
of how useless life is
if we don’t have God…’

Mom. Otherwise known as Janet~

Matthew turns 14 today.


  1. It's 9:15 in the morning, and I've got a ton of work to do, I cannot afford getting emotional!

    It all pays off, doesn't it? All the efforts, and doubts, and off when kids say something like that.

  2. Oh Sasha, spoken as one who knows...I have another crazy day as well, but it is crazy because of love:)

    Thank-you for your thoughts!

  3. Happy Birthday to Matthew!!

    Congratulations on raising a young man who already understands what is truly important!

    We just had a conversation around the dinner table last night about how my name is "Mom" and not Megan... at least, to 2 special people in this world :)

    Hope you (and Matthew) have a great day!!

  4. Treasure that boy and that gift. What a blessing. -Sorry I have been away for so long...

  5. This is one of those great moments of parenthood- you must be doing it right Mom.

  6. Happy Birthday to your wise young son!

  7. Thank-you all for the wishes and encouragement!


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