Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Mind of a Poem

They tell me how I should write them
The rules to rhythm and rhyme
But they fall from my quill
By their own free will
Regardless of meter and time

They tell me how I should form them
Can I shape a river’s fray?
For a poet’s need
Is to sit down and bleed
Let the drops fall where they may

They tell me how I should mold them
But rules never could sway a poem
In the still of the night
As I sit here and write
Words have a mind of their own

© Janet Martin


  1. Do you ever go to poetry readings? You should go and read some of your poetry!!

  2. Thank-you for the I never have, and in all honesty, the thought terrifies me:) ...but you did remind us to get out of our comfort zones because it is a good thing...h-m-m-m-m, who knows, maybe some day!

  3. I do like this poem, Janet. Yes, words DO have a mind of their own sometimes, and the poet just kind of follows their lead.

  4. Yes, Mary they do!....and those are generally the poems that flow without effort too.


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