Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I would be willing to drink for a while
The warm mellow, yellow
Of May’s genteel smile
And I would be willing to let the hour pass
Lounging on pillows
Of earth-scented grass
Beneath budding tresses of willow-tree sigh
The back-drop an azure
And cloud-coddled sky
Where nothing would wander from this perfect spot
But the pleasures I ponder
In the garden of thought

© Janet Martin


  1. This is like a guided meditation!

    I like your header quote too.

  2. Lounging on pillows
    Of earth-scented grass

    This is perfection!! I just love the carefree gorgeous nature feeling of just being in that moment!! I love it, Janet! I hope you've been well God bless you and your's!

  3. Hi Hannah, Thank-you. Yes, we are well...but oh, the life-schedule has been SO full...not much time to read or write! I just crash into bed every night...not always because of exhaustion but the relinquishing of 'my time' to read and catch up because my daughter needs the computer for homework every night and I am otherwise committed during daylight:)
    We have one more thing I need to prepare for this week-end then life-sched. will ease up a teeny bit!...maybe!
    I'll 'see' you soon.

  4. Exquisite photo with perfect words.


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