Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Thoughts...

Oh, that my life would be
A humble, loving legacy
When time and life have slipped from me
…their Mother

What will my children say
On some distant Mother’s Day
As they recall their childhood play
…and Mother?

Will the unyielding sod
Not quell the path I trod
Because they learned of God
…from Mother?

And will my memory
Somehow thread tenderly
Through generations still to be
…of a godly Mother?

Oh, that my life would be
A humble, loving legacy
When time and life have slipped from me
…their Mother

© Janet Martin

Yesterday morning at church an elderly gentleman shared memories of his mother, long gone and suddenly I wondered what my kids memories will be when they are asked to share something about their mother...

They do not know
as I draw them to me
of the tug-of-war beauty
surging in me
and they do not know
that I fight back aching tears
realizing suddenly
how the thief of years
snatches vapor-moments
from longing fingertips
turning wee girls to women
as time ceaselessly slips
from the before to the after
covering the ground
with the joy of love's laughter
and the tender-sweet sound 
when the night is quiet
on the mist-tinted air
...I hear a song hovering
of a rocking chair
As I held wisps of heaven
in the dark, stilly-deep
While rocking and humming
my babies to sleep...



  1. ohh I don't want to cry right now !!!:)

  2. I told Emily to bear with me this morning...there are some thoughts that just simply NEED to get out:)

    Thank-you again for the invite yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed being out on the water with you guys!

    Enjoy this gorgeous day!

  3. You are most welcome!!We enjoyed it too.Stopped by to hear your thoughts..:0It's beautiful out there...


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