Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Mother's Anticipate...

Mothers can wait for the house to be tidy
When footsteps no longer dash over mopped floors
And mothers can wait for those years of pure quiet
No shouting voices or slamming of doors

Mothers can wait for the days of no laundry
And sparkling windows with no trace of a kiss
Where curious noses press to its barrier
Because they are wondering ‘where mother is’

Mothers can wait for long days with no duty
For surely to be busy is heaven on earth
And toiling for loved ones is life’s finest beauty
Filling each moment with purpose and worth

…but mothers smile softly with anticipation
For they cannot wait for that most special day
When childish eagerness plucks for sweet mother
A humble, yet glorious dandelion bouquet

© Janet Martin


  1. "For surely to be busy is heaven on earth, and toiling for loved ones is life's finest beauty, filling each moment with purpose and worth." Wow, so true! I needed reminded of this, this morning... especially as I looked over at the piles of laundry which seemed to multiply overnight! Housework never ends, so we might as well embrace it and smile while we carry on with it, right? Oh, and those dandelion bouquets :) Love them! Have a wonderful day Janet, and Mother's Day (although the other night, my son exclaimed... "every day should be Mother's Day!!!" :)

  2. Megan, you have a beautiful boy!..and wise beyond his years;))

    I needed to remind myself of the beauty of busyness...the busyness that keeps one from writing:) and when my house is quiet and tidy...I'm gonna miss this SO much.

    I wish you a Happy Mother's Day as well! It is GORGEOUS today! I have been working in the flower-gardens...the weather-man just described the day coming up as a 'crystal-clear' day....yippee! Pop in the laundry...I babysit today so I hope it will be an out-doors day!

    Blessings mom and 'auntie'. Did you get a chance to read the Mother's Day post on a Holy Experience the other day? I had to think of your sister-in-law, because Ann V. the author of that blog had her first baby just before Mother's Day.

  3. :) Mothers are always sacrificing and doing thing for the family....lovely poem


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