Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring's Goddess



Sunday Wordle #58: blur, cocoon, tongue, brittle, burnished, flinty, scrape, rough, barnacles, austere, drenched, chalk

The flinty glare of winter recedes to a blur
The rough, brittle limb and austere, burnished fields
Are drenched in the ravishing textures of Her
As in countless shades Her abundance she yields

The cocoon-bud breaks open in Her verdant embrace
Barnacles bloom beneath Her florid brush
She is a tongue of emerald grace
Scraping winter’s chalk-lines from hills fair and lush

Earth is a ball-room of aureate bliss
Softly we touch the robe of this queen
For beauty and blossom unfurls in her kiss
She is spring’s goddess and her name is Green

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, that last line was stunning.

  2. Janet- so glad I found this. It is exquisite, you have such an eye and heart for the right words. That is also a gorgeous photos.

    I don't think I saw it linked to the Sunday Whirl. I read a comment from you somewhere, it said you very busy and unable to comment much at this time. Please know that is ok with me- I do that a lot too. I am just glad to know your blog is still here and you are still writing. Life is busy... and I think sometimes it is all we can do to write. Stay well.

  3. teri, thank-you for your kind understanding. Yes, life is busy and I feel that it is unfair to link if I know I do not have time to read, I know I will return when schedules free a little. the evening is often the time when I read and comment but right now my daughter needs the computer every week-end and evening so I am trying to be patient. I read and comment where and when I can Thank-you again for telling me you understand.


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