Monday, May 7, 2012

The Possibilites of Chance

There is nothing absolute in the realm of chance
An ellipsis of maybes’;
But your cute wink and glance
Caught me off-guard
As I seek to align
My head
With my heart
Resolutions grind
To a hook-line-and-sinker halt
For something in your cobalt-blue gaze
Turns clear-print resolve to a vibrating haze
Then, in contrast to my practicality
I follow the dots of chance and maybe…
For I see, emerging from my sudden trance
The possibility of a beautiful dance

© J~


  1. Yes, yes - to the heart and chance, and being unpractical! :-) (At least once in a while.)

  2. Janet - this is gorgeous and just sings off the page; so many wonderful lines and images ... I esp love "to a hook-line-and-sinker halt" just perfect ... another fine poem

  3. This is lovely, Janet. So true that there is nothing absolute in the realm of chance...and the ending, oh the ending has such warmth.

  4. "But your cute wink and glance..."
    And after 30 odd years... he's still got it. I guess that helps in the longevity of 'us'. I might add that humor helps. Though with this economy we tend to be a tad more practical than reckless - And yet again with being empty 'nesters' now...
    Very nice write. Brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing this whimsy!
    Thanks for your visit.

  5. These are great ways to use them, Janet!! I love your closing two lines, Janet!

    If you would like to see my wordle, no pressure. :)

  6. Thank-you all so very much for your thoughts! I appreciate them deeply.
    To word-press bloggers, my sincere apologies but I think WP is still having issues. Hannah, your poem is pure pleasure from casting off to reeling in...but my internet or WP refuses to post my comment to you:(!

    I'll try again tomorrow.


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