Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wordless Truths

You moved me with your pretty speech
It left me somewhat stirred
For there is much allurement
In the sentiment of word

But I am getting older
And the truth; I’m learning well
There is much more told in action
That word can never tell

© Janet Martin


  1. So very true. As my mother always told me: "Actions speak louder than words." Throughout life I have def found this to be true.

  2. Me too. Some things never change; this is one of those.

  3. Actions truly do speak louder than words indeed...

  4. Yes, they always have...they always will. It challenges us all, doesn't it?

    Thank-you, OE for your thoughts~

  5. Love this one. It is always true and can easily be applied to politics.

  6. Ahem, Sara...yes! Think we should remind them?:)


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