Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When things return to 'Normal'...

Mom giving Salome one of her favorite drinks...Ginger-ale. She cannot talk but her body language and gulping say it all!

‘Normal’ does not hover in tomorrow
Nor does it reside in the past
It is not a sweet, coveted hour
Waiting in regions dim and vast

‘Normal’ is not a state or condition
It carries no guarantee
It does not linger on pining or wishing
When this day is history

But ‘normal’ is the bloom we are holding
The moment that meets our gaze
For even now this ‘normal’ is folding
Into planted yesterdays

Who knows the nature of tomorrow’s ‘normal’?
Will its filament be leaden or gold?
And will we wish as we reminisce
For the ‘normal’ that now we hold?

© Janet Martin

How often do we find ourselves thinking 'when things return to normal'?  The other day I used this line when I was talking to my mother...When they brought dear Aunt Salome (in above photo) to their home- the Dr. said it was  'so she could spend her last days with loved ones in a non-hospital environment'. That happened almost four years ago. Salome is thriving beneath tender, loving care in spite of  Down's Syndrome, advanced Alzheimer's and complete physical inability; the DR. says her heart is strong. Salome turns 57 in a few weeks. I mentioned to Mom that 'someday when things return to 'normal', and she asked me to read the quote on her fridge. Its a reminder that 'the 'normals in life are now, for we cannot know what tomorrow's normals may be'. I have been thinking a lot about that...

Salome and her care-giver's are the inspiration in this article...Angels Among Us


  1. Oh my goodness, this was wisdom and beauty all in one package. I loved how you turn the idea of normal into a realization of the beauty of now. Sending you and this poem a big hug.

  2. I was praying about a situation in my life the other day when I sensed God telling me to find contentment in the midst of the problem. He revealed to me while praying, that the problem was not the issue facing me, it was my discontent.

    Thank you Janet for this beautiful poem and for reminding me that normal is where I am at, today. August

  3. Thank-you guys, SO much. This was written as a reminder to me as well. It's so easy to forget the beauty when we lose focus of the moment we are in!

  4. This is so beautiful Janet....a tribute to the power of love and care. :-)

  5. Thank-you Carrie. My parents, aunts and uncles are teaching by example, faithfulness, selflessness, LOVE'S LIVING PROOF! There is no language more powerful than example. They will be rewarded.

    Thank-you again.

  6. Excellent,my dear.I know Mom has really realized this, we talked about "normal" when we were there on Mothers Day.She was a big part of my muse on sacrifice.

  7. Thank-you Lucy...One of the aunts said she wishes we all would learn quickly what God is trying to teach us so that Salome could go and be with Him, because she is not here for her own at this point...but for us!


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