Monday, May 14, 2012


To reach the top
We are guaranteed
Darling, I know if we keep climbing

To give up or to stop
To release you
It never was my intention

I struggle upward and pray
From vows of my youth
Dangling precariously

While moments slip away
Gripping the truth
I cling tenaciously

So when it comes to us
Love weathers all weather
And when it comes to the heart

When it comes to love
Than to be apart together
I prefer to be together apart

Not compelling resistance
I release the hour
That is the way of love

Without creating distance
Expanding history
Moments push between us

© J~

Hello down here…are you confused? Congratulations! You just read this poem backwards…we are mountain-climbing so we must begin at the bottom(as with all things in life:) and work our way up! I felt like having a little fun:)

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  1. Wow ,how creative.....I wasn't even confused ,kinda telling about me eh???


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