Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Of Most Loved Moments

…to languish in the magnificence of dust
where miracles leap from sources untouched

…to savor long the invisible bliss
of haunts revisited in thought’s tender kiss

…to bear the searing ecstasy and grief of love
because we can never have too much, or even enough

…to touch you, hold you, caress you because I cannot wait
and tomorrow holds no guarantees but one; it could be too late



  1. I love this one! What's this format called?

  2. Thank-you OE.

    I'm not certain there is a name for this format...I simply let it spill of its own free will:)

  3. Remembering to embrace this day, this moment. I love the spill format. :-)

  4. Teri, yes! I am constantly intrigued by the fulness of a moment and sometimes it simply 'spills'.

    Thank-you for your thoughts~

  5. This is lovely Janet; yes tomorrow may be too late! We must continue to remember that living in the moment with faith and trust releases us from worries of yesterday and tomorrow so that we can live today to the fullest in the power of God!

    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Denise, thank-you for these thoughts~


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