Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Thoughts~

Love is a Three-letter word

Love is also a six-letter word
 ~Spring Portraits~

Oh, let me never pine nor plead
For my neighbor’s garden fair
And let me never seek with greed
Life’s blessings that were meant to share
But as each day to history folds
Oh, let me labor thankfully
Lest I should miss the field of gold
That God has placed in front of me

Of petal-pink promises
Unfolding their hope
Of green and gold palaces
Gracing earth’s slope
Of winter forgotten
On emerald floors
And cloud-ships of cotton
Bound for gossamer shores
Of zephyr-lips tender
And azure diadem
Matriarch of splendor
And her name is Spring

She shakes out the girth
Of her floral-sweet gowns
And covers the earth
In for-get-me-not crowns
She tosses her tresses
And every limb
Dons pretty pink dresses
Or lacy green trim
Fleet-footed belle
Of laughter and grace
She restores a smile
To every face


The little guys I babysit and I went on a spring are some pictures in full spring color!


  1. OHMYGORGEOUS!!! This is such a blessed stroll, Janet!! Thank you, SO much for having me along! I would love to really meander with you one day...such kindred sisters!!

    I really feel your words, Janet, they are SO inspired!

    "Of winter forgotten
    On emerald floors
    And cloud-ships of cotton
    Bound for gossamer shores"

    Such beauty!!! Miss and love your voice and I am so glad that you're doing what you need to do! Warm smiles!

  2. Oh so lovely, Janet. Full of color and gentle breezes. Fabulous photos, too. Thank you for this spring gift.


  3. and I would have a perfect time strolling the grand out-doors, but there is one small problem. We would be late for whatever we were supposed to be back for;)

    Yes Hannah, I am torn between gardens but fully committed first and foremost to the one that has my hubby and children in it;)...and today that garden is going to be outside in my dirt garden planting sweet corn! Looks like rain. i better get out there.

    God bless you and thank-you for your ever-encouraging words!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Emma, thank-you for visiting and for your kind words...after I returned from the 'stroll' I put the guys down for a rest and had approx. 15 min. before my guys returned from school so I used it to hopefully share God's glorious creation with those who stop here!

    God bless and Happy Mother's Day to you!


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