Saturday, May 19, 2012

Torrents from Above...

We offer you our mangled blooms
Of bent and broken stem
The remnant of vague promises
So common unto men

We lift, in blushing guilt and shame
Our stammered salutation
As we seek hope within the Name
Of mercy and compassion

We repeat our confessions
At the alter of His grace
Unworthy of the miracle
That flows to human race

For in return He gives to us
In torrents from above
For our debt His pardon
His forgiveness and His love

© Janet Martin


  1. smiles...what a beautiful gentle worship in this...not because we deserve it but...

  2. Brian, thank-you. Yes it is a truth that never grows old! Praise God

  3. The Spirit just flows from your pen tip, Janet, this is so inspired. Thank you for such a prayerful piece it is just what I needed to read. <3

  4. Hannah, it is enough to hear your words....thank-you.


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