Monday, May 14, 2012

Pour Me Another...

The poetic notion of over and done
For me, has ceased to exist
The aching essence of love lingers on
Like the afterglow of a kiss

Memory is like vintage wine
We savor its warmth on our lips
Today’s moments are fruit on a vine
Tomorrow its harvest we sip

 I hold the aura of you on my tongue
Its ambiance soothing my thought
Forever old or forever young
To me it matters not

For the poetic notion of over and done
Is for moments, not memories
Pour me another; love lingers on
In moments such as these

The fingers of time run over my skin
Darling, what must will be
Time cannot touch moments sealed within
The vault of memory



  1. how can someone not ask for more? :)

    Lovely poem.

  2. Good Morning BH,:) Nice to see you here. Thank-you for your lovely words~

  3. Hello Janet, how have you been?

    Yes I have been absent from the blogging world, trying to get back :)

  4. It does take time and effort to blog, doesn't it?. I told the kids that I might try to quit writing for the summer. I thought they didn't really care one way or the other, but in a letter on Mother's Day my oldest daughter Emily said 'mom, please don't ever stop writing, okay...etc' Now I am trying to 'balance' it. For me it can be an emotional roller-coaster:)

    I wish you the best on your 'return'!

  5. p.s. I know we like some of the same music...have you ever listened to Celtic Thunder? Irish good! I'm humming their song Steal Away while I finish the housework before the little guys I baby-sit arrive:) h-m-m-m- h-m-m-m h-m-m-m:))

  6. Nice to know your kids love your writings and encourage :)

    'The balance' is quite difficult, good that you can.

    thanks...hopefully i would visit regularly.

    Thanks again for the song, yeah we like same music...Take care

  7. Hello Janet. Such a natural rhythm to your words. Lovely. Vulnerable. Thank you for this.

  8. Hi Glynis, thank-YOU for your kind thoughts:)


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