Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Thoughts~

There is a war
Intense, hid from sight
It is the battle
Twixt wrong and right
Fear the day
Should its conflict cease
As numbed discernment
Brings an illusion of peace

There is a tug-of-war
In love’s two-toned beauty
The urge of desire
And dictation of duty

A long line of laundry
Is a testament
To a long line of love

No man can serve two masters
The servant makes his choice
No words are needed because action
Carries a definite voice

Dream, but only a little
It polishes the mundane
The line is fine twixt little and much
And to dream too much is vain

Dream, but only a little
Don’t let it mess with your head
Lest you stand and stare into the thin air
While someone else butters your bread

Hurry, hurry; don’t be late
And heaven
Do not wait

Spare change
Changes lives

On some days we…
…Live, laugh, love and play
On others we
…Weep, wish, work, pray

This must be my Muse’s queue
A list with many jobs to do

Never yet has darkness set in

He who hath no shadows
Hath no light



  1. Thank-you Carrie. I seem to get these random little poem-lets in my head on housework days, so here and there I 'pool' them:)


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