Thursday, May 17, 2012

Authentic Belief

When morning nudges through the dark
To break on virgin shores
May I resolve to trust in God
And ask for nothing more

Then as the new day rises up
To test the thoughts I pray
May His love be my true response
And not just words I say

When sunlight melts in golden bars
Through every shutter-crease
May His soft whisper stir my heart
And fill the day with peace

© Janet Martin

The kids laughed and asked if I rhymed on purpose...'what do you mean? I asked as I said amen,...oh, you rhymed when you finished the prayer with 'may you truly be our Guide today and not just empty words we say'I laughed, 'no, I did not realize that it rhymed'...and out the door they went to school while Mother prayed that oh, somewhere through-out the day they would remember.

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