Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dave

Tonight when you look up to the sky, bro
And think of the years that have flown
Will there be a tear in your eye, bro
As you ponder the course of the sun?

…and tonight when you hear twilight’s sonnet
Quiver in the deepening west
Will you pause to remember life’s losses
Or how you have been richly blessed?

Tonight when you gaze at the stars, bro
Will you feel infinitely small?

And wonder that He who paints skies, bro

Tonight when you contemplate time, bro
Where will your musing dwell?
For you’ve known some up-hill climbs, bro
Disappointment; you know it well…

…but life is a canvas of mystery, bro
And God is a faithful Friend
As this year slips into history, bro
Do you wonder what waits ‘round the bend?

And tonight when you look at the sky, bro
Recalling the years that have passed
Will the only thing you really know
Be this? Life goes by way too fast

© Janet Martin

Happy 47th Birthday, Dave…from one sky-lover to another…Enjoy!

Here is a teeny glimpse of my sky-shot collection:)

This is the time-frame where I always think of mom and wonder how she did it! My brother Stuart turned 45 on May 28th, Dave turns 47 today, I turn 46 next week and the following week my sister (the oldest child in our family) turns 48...!!! and as you can see in the previous post, Mom is still going strong!...after raising 10 children...after the first four she had 3  girls and then 3 boys!!! I remember we begged her (as if she ordered us from a catalog or something, to PL-E-E-E-ASE have a set of twins to complete our family...didn't happen:)

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