Thursday, May 24, 2012


Is any wealth richer or grander than this?
The soft breath of dawn on night’s dark abyss
The wind as it chases through steeples of grass
Or dances on ball-rooms of sea-tempered glass
Wild-apple jewels on scraggy-cut limb
The timbre of reverence in twilight’s soft hymn
As far on the skyline each tree is a tower
Etched in precision like a delicate flower

The bird in the bower, the pale, new-moon wraith
The innocent wonder of a child’s perfect faith
The bumblebee hovering o’er delicate bloom
Drunken with nectar from spring’s heady plume
The patchwork of shadows, warm memories to hold
The sway of the willow-tree feathered in gold
The bronze-burnished blush in the waning of day
The impromptu hush as the wind drops away

Then let miser’s covet the fruit of the purse
Money and the love of it is but a curse
Genuine riches leap from vaults at hand
Sapphire-blue heavens over silver-white sand
Ruby-red rose and emerald green hill
The echo of love when the hour is still
For true wealth is found in a moment’s essence
Its treasure is free to both pauper and prince

© Janet Martin


  1. You are amazing Janet! There is a wealth of wisdom in these beautiful words!

  2. Carrie, thank-you SO much for your words!
    We have an onslaught of 'extra' bills and needs this months...2 kids graduating on top of all that...sometimes I find myself wishing for money:) But as I 'lifted my eyes to the hills from whence comes my help' I was softly reminded by the One who cares for our needs how truly rich we are!

  3. I wanted to tell you I just read this to Luella...She liked it too.Never forget how wealthy we are...

  4. Lucy, you are so sweet. Luella is blessed to have you living next door!

    p.s. I've often heard your mother-in-law's name but not sure I've ever seen it written, or if I did I never 'looked' at it. It is kinda pretty!


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