Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Condemnation

Failure with cold, heartless judgments
Raises an angry fist
Its sentence of horror is certain
With my name at the top of the list
For beneath every accusation
Is written a verdict of guilt
But hark; there is no condemnation
For those washed in Holy Blood spilt

Grace…what a blessed assurance
I cannot fathom its breadth
Without it my feeble endurance
Would daily be swallowed in death
Failure with all of its judgment
Would haunt in demonic flood
But God who is rich in mercy
Has banished my guilt with His blood

Often I falter and stumble
But He who has pardoned my sin
Will never leave or forsake me
And thus His peace whispers within
For there is no condemnation
To those who are saved by His grace
Who will reject such salvation
Or shun redemption’s embrace?

Failure with all of its judgment
Raises an angry fist
Justice pronounces its sentence
But hark; what message is this?
There is therefore no condemnation
To those who are in Christ
My heart over-flows with thanksgiving
For love’s redeeming sacrifice

© Janet Martin

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