Sunday, May 13, 2012

Glorious and Free

Some week-end frames of 'God's country...'

God's country; is what my daddy called it
As rolling hills in a country-drive slideshow
Moved across the screen
Of the station-wagon window
…this panorama of meadow-rich green
Creased by woodlands and marshes
The meandering stream
Rolling to the big blue sea
This is surely what God’s country must be

And the farmer’s eyes roved the blazing west
Imbuing his soul with renewed hope and zest
For surely the one who painted our rural plot of sky
In a whispered masterpiece
Would provide the needs for he and I
His mercy would not cease
Ah, in this we found peace
So, the farmer whistled with a spring in his step
And the corn fields rustled beneath twilight’s fingertips

…and the little girl stood proud beneath red and white
And sang ‘Oh Canada’ with all her might because Daddy was right
‘Oh Canada' included the little thumbprint of Southern Ontario
Where apple orchards bend and bronze wheat fields glow
And where the Great Lakes, in turquoise gems
Gleam, a grand and glorious diadem
Crowning God’s country;
This 'true north strong and free, of timber and loam
Will forever be my home sweet home

© Janet Martin

 Poetic Bloomings asks us to share a piece of where we call home!

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