Monday, May 28, 2012

Scarlet-echoed Breath

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Oh, have we savored it today?
Inhaled its glorious air
Or have we paused a bit to pray
And thank God for His care?
Perhaps we’ve thought of those who fell
To look against the sky
With fading breath; the cannon’s knell
Their victory lullaby

Have we, as through our lungs it pours
In scarlet-echoed breath
Have we remembered blood-bathed shores
Of horror, pain and death
And are we filled with gratitude
To stand among the free
Inhaling this most priceless gift
The air of liberty

...and have we bowed in earnest prayer
to plead with God above
that we do not hold lightly here
this freedom that we have

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet ~ I came here to read your poetry today, because I knew I'd find heart-felt emotions instead of things everyone says over and over... and I found what I came looking for. Thank you for sharing your gift!!!

  2. Lucy, Megan, thank-you. I have tears in my eyes! This morning I felt incredibly 'blank'...I closed my eyes, prayed and touched the key-pad...

    God bless.

  3. i adore that first line, "oh, have we savored today?" this is a beautiful homage to those who've fought. x

  4. Dana, I appreciate your visit and your words. thank-you very much.


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