Friday, May 18, 2012

When Trying to Appease Wanderlust remember...

Way out there
On the other side
Of where earth and heaven meet
Is someone's
Ordinary day
On an ordinary street

Way out there
On that ethereal line
Where the sea touches the sky
Is another gulf
Of open space
Stretching to the by and by

Way out there
Where the timber-line
Bars the dreamers view
Another piece
Of land and sky
Exists- same green, same blue

© Janet Martin


  1. Where earth and heaven meet indeed...this is beautiful Janet!

  2. Thank-you:) Every so often I get a little restless, ya' know? ...and then I remember that my little home is on someone's skyline where heaven and earth is enough to be HERE now!

  3. Oh, the beauty and connected-ness of your words are so soothing, Janet. Thank you for sharing your gift of words! <3

  4. Hannah, your kind words and thoughts are so appreciated-thank-you


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