Friday, May 25, 2012

The Best Medicine...

Laughter…the best medicine

Hubby just called…
Here it is going to feel like 34 degrees Celsius today,
Jim is in Sask. He woke up with snow on the hood!

Apparently, according to the farmer he loaded at…

The way to happiness is…
You want just enough money to get by and lots of laughter.

He told Jim he knows of a farmer last year who collected flood and drought insurance…

This farmer is 5’3” and said he is still waiting for his growth spurt.
Their daughter is not growing very fast so the Dr. ordered them to see a specialist to discuss hormone therapy. When they arrived at the Specialist he took one look at the parents and said, ‘he doesn’t know what DR, they are seeing or what he is telling them but you can’t make rats out of mice!’



  1. Okay, I'm SO thankful I'm not in Sask :) Love the farmer's advice... then again, my husband has all kinds of little sayings like that... is it a farmer thing? As for the last farmer's family doctor... common sense goes a long way, doesn't it? Thanks for giving me laugh! Have a great weekend Janet :)

  2. Yeah, I think farmer's have a gift for remembering helps them keep the humor and faith in what they are doing, right?
    Thank-you for stopping by and
    Have a fantastic week-end!

  3. Keep cool Janet, I hear by Monday it's going to feel like 41...I wish I was in Sask.


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