Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Color Blue

You ask why I love the color the blue
Indulge me a moment and I will tell you
There’s the velvet navy of a midnight hush
Or the cobalt gleam of a river’s rush
There’s the sparkling azure of a summer sky
Reflected with pleasure in your tender eye
The slate-blue tones of autumn’s kiss
The clear blue moans of summer’s bliss
The gleaming turquoise of the bay
Or misty blue hills far away
The royal blue of twilight’s shroud
The endless hue above the cloud
The sapphire gaze of sweet July
The smoky haze of August sky
It glimmers in the pale moonlight
Or shimmers on a rainy night
Its pale, soft breath will stir the dawn
Its endless hearth the eagle’s throne
Its thousand shades a robe so fine
Is wrapped around this heart of mine

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Tonight was one of those ‘navy blue’ nights.
I needed to stop and absorb the sky for a few minutes,
But the cold blue air chilled me to the bone!!!!

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