Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stained-glass Windows

I see a thousand colors gleaming
In a pattern well designed
As I see the sunset streaming
Through the windows in my mind
It’s a landscape flush with memories
Like a long, silent highway
Stretching far into the distance
Past my present fields of grey……..

It’s a meadow in the valley
And I see you standing there
Silhouette against the colors
Of my window in the air
I reach out to touch your shoulder
But the window will not break
I can only hold you closer
In a fond reverent heart-ache

Oh, you heartless stained glass windows
Tears will never wash you clean
Searching in the muted shadows
For a day that once had been
And there is no curtain broad enough
To draw across this pain
As you grace the dark horizon line
I close my eyes in vain….

For these grandest stained-glass windows
Like the great and yawning sky
Are the walls in a cathedral
Sprawled across my memory
Where time renders richest color
Pouring through each tinted pane
In the grandest stained-glass window
That my eyes have ever seen

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

There's something about running
under heaven's stained-glass windows...
when everything is still
...that is so hard to beat!

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