Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Next To You

The ebb and flow of the evening sighs
The waves of the ocean blue
Seem warmer; I can almost touch the skies
When I’m here next to you
Heaven is just a breath away
I know you feel it too
Night is better than the day
When I’m here next to you

The rose-colored whispers of twilight
Surrender to a deeper hue
But I hear the song of midnight
Whispering in the dust and dew
And I love the color of heaven
In eyes of endless blue
I crave absolutely nothing
When I’m here next to you

The moon flickers on the water
Shadow on a rippled wall
The sound of our laughter
Dances on its rise and fall
The night wraps its arms around us
In a heaven made for two
A symphony surrounds us
When I’m here next to you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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