Monday, April 5, 2010

How Can I Say Good-bye?

How do I say good-bye to you?
The boy I’ve loved his whole life through
I watched you take your first small step
Held your hand with gentle grip
I dried your tears and wiped your nose
Calmed your fears and washed your clothes
Now you hold me and say you’re fine
How do I say good-bye to this son of mine?

It’s my job to tell you everything is alright
But you’re telling me as I hold you tight
And I want to be strong enough to let you go
But I want to hold on for a lifetime or two
I hear echoes of bed-time stories and prayers
The music of little feet dashing upstairs
How can I kiss this face of tan?
A boy about to become a man

I know I am holding for the very last time
This darling precious boy of mine
For war steals innocence away
And a man will return where a boy stands today
So let me whisper in your ear
My solemn everlasting prayer
God, hold onto him as I let him go
For just as I, You love him too

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

There are certain pictures
that are simply beyond words.
I saw such a picture
this past week-end.
This is a pathetic attempt
at capturing the picture
with words:)

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