Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Second Time Around

Words can leave us dazed and warm
And sweep us off our feet
We drink the cocktail of their charm
Alluring, sparkling, sweet
But as its warmth and nuance change
We spit it on the ground
And hope we are much wiser
The second time around

Flattery in cunning style
May fool us for a moment
It may lure us for awhile
Like a fine new garment
But in time its glitter fades
Its glory turns to rust
For flattery is a foolish trade
For honesty, love and trust

I’ll take the wine of a lesser fruit
Though not as smooth or pleasing
If it is pure, unaltered truth
Its virtue will be unceasing
Oh, I’ve known flattery in my time
And one simple truth I’ve found
I am a wiser woman
The second time around

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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