Sunday, April 11, 2010

A little......

As I pour my early morning cup of coffee
As kiss of dawn breathes softly on the sky
And tears of yesterday are just a memory
A sentimental twinkle in my eye
As the days like stiff and solemn soldiers
March in staid alignment o’er the hill
Suddenly I feel a whole lot older
But time keeps ticking on against my will…….
…and I miss you……a little

The flowers of youth have dropped their radiant petals
As wild and tender passion bows its head
Adorning memory’s shelf like rusty medals
Faded glory in an autumn bed
And as I wander through its hallowed places
Hazy sanctuary in my mind
I yearn to touch the vaguest lingering traces
Of the days that years have left behind….
….and I miss you…..a little……

I cannot stop my ears against the echo
Of moaning wind o’er distant lonesome hill
I’m drawn across the field into its shadow
Where I’m a prisoner of my own free will
Bind me with a chain of springtime daisies
Try me with your laughter wild and free
Sentence me to life within your arms dear
No chance of pardon from this misery…
….for I miss you…a little….more

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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