Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Journey

My journey is not like yours
Nor yours like mine
I have never walked a mile
In your Birkenstocks
Nor have you ever tried
Walking in my heels
But love endures
Not only in the sunshine
Or when heaven smiles
But as grass turns to rocks
And the tears we’ve cried
Flow in rivers of steel
Love endures
Your journey and mine
Have somehow intertwined
And I won’t judge you
If you don’t judge me too
I’ve never carried your load
Or wept your tears
I have not travelled your road
Or lived your years
But love endures
It keeps me from judging you
Or you condemning me
Simply by what the
Naked eye can see
My journey and yours
So different yet the same
The only thing we really own
In this world is our name
….and the Love that endures

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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