Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take Me Back

Take me back to the silver breeze
Back to the haven beneath the trees
Back to a beckoning horizon-line
Where its whispers stole this heart of mine
As dreams would glisten on every sea
With unseen shorelines of destiny
Take me back

Take me back to a simpler time
Where freedom was a daring climb
In the shady arches of weeping willow
Or a rest beneath on its scented pillow
As moonlight splashed its dapple grey
On grasses of a fairer day
Take me back

Ah, someday I suppose I’ll sigh
With a teardrop shining in my eye
As I recall this precious hour
Forgetting the grey, remembering the flower
And silently then perhaps I’ll say
Take me back to this good old day
Take me back

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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