Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's One a.m.

Lone dog is howling at the moon
Lazy breeze is blowing
Meandering brook strums a tune
Through meadows gently flowing
Trace of a lingering shower
Graces the willow limb
Ah, this is my favorite hour
It’s one a.m.

Mist from the silent harbor
Drifts through the darkened trees
Blossoms on the arbor
Float on the midnight breeze
The scent of dust and shower
Breathes a sacred hymn
Ah, this is my favorite hour
It’s one a.m.

Ribbon of soft blue velvet
Wraps your languid sigh
Muffled warmth of your heart-beat
Sings a lullaby
Faintly murmured whisper
Darling, are you asleep
Comes a soundless answer....
...Earths tremble, stars weep
It’s one a.m.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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