Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yes, I love to fall into your arms
You are the master of a thousand charms
As your soft kiss breathes against my face
I melt in your passionate embrace
So long I waited, so long I have pined
To be touched by you and now I find
You are better than I dared to think
I feel myself falling over the brink
So I let go…and I fall and I fall
Yes, this is the very best part of all
For your shoulder is fresh and soft and green
You make me feel like a royal queen
For you are irresistible, charming
Your breath flows through me, reviving and warming
A heart that was tired, lonely and cold
Is once again inspired by your whispers of gold
Oh what beauty, ah what a lover
Spring, you come to me when winter is over

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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