Saturday, April 17, 2010


In silent muse I sit with you
As shades of dusk are creeping
With purple hues the twilight view
Is dimmed ‘neath heavens keeping
And whilst a sigh slips from the sky
In low and somber breezes
It stirs my mind, this sullen wind
It taunts, torments and teases

I’ve never heard you say a word
In musings solemn hour
But we have seen the muted green
And watched the slumbering flower
The kiss of dew from velvet blue
Has been both warm and chilling
And we have shared a wordless prayer
Been strong and weak and willing

The misty hues and silver-blues
Have wrapped a shawl around us
You and I beneath a sky
Where night-time drops around us
Here we sit as stars are lit
A thousand miles apart
And yet I see you here with me
And feel you in my heart

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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