Friday, April 2, 2010

Rest of the Dream

There are so many things I wanted to tell you
Like heaven is midnight in June
And flowers are the offering of a man to his true love
Not for a cold grave stone
At my feet lay the fragments of a shattered ending
I weep at time's swift-flowing stream
God, do you hear all the prayers that I’m sending?
Where is the rest of the dream?

I walk through the garden bursting in fragrance
But it holds no pleasure for me
Here ‘neath its arbor we danced our first dance
And tasted love's ecstasy
The garden is a desert without you
The fountain has lost its gleam
As I cry to the roses and think about you
Missing the rest of the dream

God in His wisdom has taken you too soon
His garden is fairer indeed
I stand here gazing at midnight’s full moon
There is nothing here that I need
All that I need is waiting up yonder
Past this life’s ruthless stream
Silently I weep and sadly I wonder
Where is the rest of the dream?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Dedicated to Dave and his kids

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