Thursday, April 8, 2010

In My Mind

In my mind you’re right here with me
Drinking in the midnight dew
As we close our eyes and jump into
A lake of endless blue
On a shore of our creating
Where there is no thought of time
We could wander on for ever
Find a perfect hill to climb

In my mind we’d sit for hours
And enjoy a breathless show
Where the actors are the flowers
And the taunting winds that blow
We could talk or just say nothing
Either one would be just fine
Simply being here together
Would be paradise divine

In my mind you’re right here with me
And it seems I almost hear
All the words that you would whisper
If you could, into my ear
In my mind I smile a little
For I knew what they would be
And I guess I really know you
Just as well as you know me

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

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