Friday, April 16, 2010

Sail Then....

Sail then, oh cherished first-fruits of my womb
Sail upon life’s ocean wild and free
Too soon doth gape the dark unbidden tomb
Of duty, toil and stark reality

Youth and expectation sigh as one
Riding on the whitecaps of a dream
Dance beneath the glory of your sun
Too soon the shadow steals its distant gleam

Crashing wave and waters clear and still
Both are garments of the ocean, dear
Joy and sorrow each must have its fill…
A smile is purer tempered by a tear

Sail then, and do not fear its cost
The ocean beckons only for a chance
Before the passion of your dream is lost
On feet that have forgotten how to dance

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

So, what's a girl to do when she wakes up
with a line like the first line in this poem
as her first waking conscious thought.....
it must have been the
left-overs of a dream....yikes!!!
but it was just crazy enough to entice me a little:):)

the girls thought it was just......crazy:(

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