Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Love Thee

I love thee
As thou hast loved me
So I love thee
As soft air stirring
Above the sea
Or thick leaves murmuring
As the world lies
So I love thee
Softly, gently
Like the wooing stream
Yet warm
So much warmer
Sighing in my dream
Whilst a myriad
Of hopeless wishes
Float away
I hold Love close
Ah, who needs fame?
Softly I whisper
Your name
Buds waken
Laugh into bloom
A supple young bough
How steady your arm
And the breeze through
Midnight’s window
Blending colors
Cool and warm
Swirling, intoxicating
Gently creating
The mellow glow
Of June’s love-light
And only you and I know
Why I love thee
As thou lovest me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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