Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bedtime Story

The wind whispers across the sky
The clouds laugh on the breeze
There’s an enchanted lullaby
Murmuring through the trees
The palette of an artists dream
Glows in western glory
But none of this is heard or seen
When its time for a bedtime story

As a purple curtain draws across
The crimson, red and gold
As a dazzling splash of silver stars
Replaces daylight bold
Within this soft and muted blush
There is a quiet glory
A pleasant calm, a tender hush
When its time for a bedtime story

We fly beyond the present world
Far across the sea
With kings and knights, or boys and girls
In truth and fantasy
Night, pin down your purple veil
Around this hour of glory
For a mother’s arms will always fill
When it’s time for a bedtime story

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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