Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Love It........

I love the way the blue of the skies
Brings out the deepest hue of your eyes
I love it when you act all big and tough
Underneath all the edges that seem hard and rough
I’ve seen the person you try to hide
And I know what you’re all about inside
And I love it………

I love the way I can hear silent truth
I love the man more than the boy of youth
I love the face which bears the sign
Of life experience, yours and mine
While others may see you as rough and tough
I know the real you and it is enough
And I love it……….

I know by the way you turn your head
What you’re going to say before it’s said
I like your cool and casual style
I love your slow and sexy smile
Our hands softly intertwine
I know your thoughts, you know mine
And I love it……..

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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