Thursday, April 1, 2010

Every Now and Then

I don’t do cart-wheels anymore
I cannot go skipping down the street
As my nine-year-old dances beside me
I calm the twitch in my feet
When you’re over forty and counting
There are things you simply can’t do
And I’d hop and skip in a heart-beat
If I was a young thing like you

But every now and then
I feel like a girl again
There’s something in the wind
It does that to me
And every now and then
I still remember when
Those days now far behind
Were the best that they could be

Freedom is a word I’ve long forgotten
I am not foot-loose and fancy free
I’m a wife and mother of my children
Thankful for what God has given me
But sometimes in a momentary flicker
I’m drawn into a silent reverie
Man, these days sure came a whole lot quicker
Than I thought they would at twenty-three

But every now and then
I feel twenty-three again
When you look at me that way
It does that to me
And every now and then
As I think of where we’ve been
And where we are today
I’m happy as can be

And I almost get to believing
I’m foot-loose and fancy free

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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