Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Why can I think of a million things
To tell you, when you’re not with me
But as soon as I see you I’m tongue-tied
And I stumble over my own feet
You look so very beautiful
I want to tell you so
But my words come out in a jumble
So that I don’t even know
What in the world I am trying to say…
But you say you like me anyway….Why?

Why do my fingers turn into thumbs?
My dancing, a clumsy stumble
I’m sure that I read somewhere
That God gives grace to the humble
Well, I’m not graceful, as you can see
Though I’ve tasted my share of humility
All I really want to do is love you
But all the things I really want to say
Are lodged somewhere deep down inside me
Yet you’re so kind and love me anyway…Why?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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