Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now I Lay Me.....

Now I lay me down my sorrows on this carpet ‘neath the moon
Night is far too grand a stage on which to play a morbid tune
There is nothing I can do today to undo what is done
So I’ll simply drink the potion poured from heavens velvet throne
While the willow and the clover and the brook beneath the pine
Hum a melody of mercy strummed by nature’s hand so fine
And the breezes laugh beside me running fingers through my hair
As the whisper of God’s glory breathes upon the misty air

Now I lay me down my worries, all my failure and regret
On a bed of dust and daisies where a thousand suns have set
For I cannot bear to dance tonight with sorrow on my brow
As the arms of mercy hold me tight and whisper to me now
And I rest my head upon the shoulder of His tender love
Wrapping me, as night grows colder in a blanket from above
Where I close my eyes and listen to a peaceful serenade
On a floor where dewdrops glisten in a ball-room heaven made

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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