Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Will there ever be a song again
As the tune that drifts to me….
The gentle sigh of a summer wind
Stirring the willow tree
Still I can hear her trembling notes
Trickle across the years
Upon the wave of time it floats
A cadence in my ears

On an evening such as this
I’d wander if I could
Back again to faded bliss
And summer in the woods
There beneath her lofty limbs
I’d pause a little while
To hear again sweet nature’s hymns
And feel the willow smile

Oh, won’t you take a trip with me
And fly on phantom wings
To lie beneath the willow tree
And listen as she sings
The shiver of enchanted sighs
A bed of rippled jade
A canopy of star-lit skies
And music heaven-made

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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