Monday, April 12, 2010


I seldom lift this hallowed lid
Where I have kept my treasures hid
For life does not boast many an offer
Of the kind of trophy I keep in this coffer
But here and there in a very long while
I secure the memory, of a whisper or smile
Composed of an essence beyond everyday
I grasp at its presence before it drifts away

These are the moments I’m as sure as can be
I behold a gift of rare quality
Its beauty incomparable, I am truly blessed
I handle it with care and place it in my chest

Words that are saved for special occasions
Smiles that flirt with the brink of temptation
A kind deed rendered when no one else sees
A song on a sunset or midnight breeze
A glance of wordless understanding
The brush of a fingertip, soft, undemanding
A flicker of hope in the midst of the fight
An answered prayer in the dead of night

Kind gift of beauty unexpectedly rendered
Into this vault they are softly surrendered
And every so often, every once in a while
I return to its treasure, think of you and smile

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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